Who we are, what our mission is and what we have achieved.

We're different

When you speak to Parrot, it’s crystal clear that we are more than your typical “marketing agency.”

We are a team of professionals with expertise in graphic / web design, video production, copywriting, and marketing strategy.

At our core, we focus on helping small businesses steal back the market from the corporate giants.

When doing business with Parrot you can expect dynamic results. We deliver results to our clients based on three things:

1. The trust in our team to get the job done right. Each one of our team members has a particular specialty – whether that be in copywriting, graphic design, ad campaigns, sales funnels, or video production. We work together to deliver the best content and strategy to help you succeed.

2. Our years of experience running successful digital marketing strategies. Co-owners Shawn Collins and Devin McGeenan have already ran several successful businesses prior to creating Parrot (see “Our Story” down below). Their experience is invaluable in the overall strategies used to help businesses succeed.

3. Our passion for digital marketing carries us forward into the future. We’ve vetted our staff to include only passionate team players with a particular specialty in digital marketing. Part of staying relevant with constantly changing trends in digital marketing, we hire only passionate individuals who come to work to make a real difference.

Why Choose Parrot? 

We want our clients to feel safe in their choice to side with Parrot, of course. But we wouldn’t feel comfortable boasting our success if we didn’t have a solid grounding to make those claims. With every decision we make, we rely on hard numbers and data. 

Nowadays, there is no reason to be vague about how your campaigns are performing. With data analytics, either the results are good or they’re bad. 

We share your marketing results with you weekly, and meet monthly to talk about plans for optimization. By constantly being kept in the loop, you know that we are continually working to improve the results from your online marketing campaigns. 

What does it all mean to you? We focus on raising your bottom line. So we like to let the numbers talk, rather than wasting your precious time with “just talk”.

If you have questions or just want to have a quick chat with your team, you’ll have access to your local customer advocate, and a direct line to your project manager. 

We always have an open door for our clients, and anyone else who is serious about taking their business to the next level. 

If you’re even considering business person, and you deserve serious

Our Story

Co-owners Shawn Collins and Devin McGeehan have a track record of developing digital marketing businesses that have generated hundreds of thousands of dollars in sales for local and national companies. 

They created PMCO, Propaganda Marketing, and now Parrot in the last three years. With each business, they’ve improved not only their knowledge on how to help businesses thrive, but improved their processes too, which means they can deliver better results, faster.

The idea for each business has always been the same though — to help small businesses succeed through innovative digital marketing strategies that actually work.

PMCO’s most successful clients

were within the field of law as well as in the real estate niche, generating hundreds of qualified leads which turned into hundreds of thousands of generated dollars. The impact ties directly into their business model for how to run an effective marketing agency

After years of experimentation met by great success

we can now say that the vision for Parrot is officially epic… They would like to become one of the biggest digital marketing agencies in Colorado Springs, offering everything from Search Engine Optimization to captivating videos that get customers interested in your company’s product or service.